Bus Route No. 401: Bus Stop Changes in West Deptford/Westville - Effective Saturday, September 4, 2021

Effective Saturday, September 4, the limited weekday-only Bus Route No. 401 service via Gateway Blvd. in West Deptford/Westville will be discontinued due to low ridership. As a result, the following bus stops will no longer be served.

Bus Stops Out of Service:

  • Broad Street (Rt. 45) at Elberne Avenue (MyBus #20081, #20083)
  • Broad Street at Colonial Avenue (MyBus #20082)
  • Gateway Blvd. at Olive Street (MyBus #20169, #20177)
  • Gateway Blvd. at Hazel Avenue (MyBus #20170, #20176)
  • Gateway Blvd. at Park Avenue (MyBus #20171, #20175)
  • Gateway Blvd. at Highland Avenue (MyBus #20172)
  • Gateway Blvd. at River Drive (MyBus #20179)

NOTE: Stop #s 20082 and 20083 will continue to have limited weekday-only service on Bus Route No. 402.

Alternate Bus Stops:

  • Broadway at Delsea Drive (MyBus #20150, #20149)
  • Broadway at Olive Street (MyBus #20143, #20155)
  • Washington Avenue at Park Avenue (MyBus #20227, #20228)
  • Broad Street (Rt. 45) at Watkins Avenue (MyBus #20207, #20208)

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For more information and language assistance, please call NJ TRANSIT Customer Service at (973) 275-5555 between the hours of 8:30AM and 5PM daily.