REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Hoboken Terminal Surface Parking Lot

Hoboken Terminal

Surface Parking Lot

NJ TRANSIT is interested in receiving Expressions of Interest from an experienced, financially sound individual or entity to operate its existing 9,422 SF surface parking lot facility at Hoboken Terminal, located at 23-31 Hudson Place, Hoboken. Also, it is important to note plans to expand the parking lot by an additional 15,500 SF, totalling approximately 24,922 SF.

The lot is just steps away from NJ TRANSIT’s Hoboken Terminal, a major transportation terminal attracting nearly 17,302 average weekday patrons from NJ TRANSIT commuter rail lines. The Terminal also serves 5,174 Light Rail Customers approximately 4,000 average daily NY Waterway Riders, and 30,186 average weekday PATH customers. In addition, just a block away, patrons will have access to Downtown Hoboken, home to some of the City’s best dining and nightlife experiences.

Selection of a lessee will be based upon review of proposals submitted to NJ TRANSIT in response to a Request for Proposal package issued to parties submitting an Expression of Interest.

Please submit your written Expression of Interest on your letterhead, or via email at aamaechi@njtransit.com. No telephone Expressions of Interest will be accepted.

Expressions of Interest can be mailed to:

Aloysius Amaechi, Manager - Property Management
NJ TRANSIT - Real Estate & Economic Development
One Penn Plaza East, Newark, New Jersey 07105-2246
RE: Hoboken Terminal – Surface Parking Lot