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Have your travel patterns changed due to COVID-19? You’re not the only one. That’s why we’re offering a new pilot ticket option called FLEXPASS!

Available through the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App, FLEXPASS is a 20-trip ticket that is sold at a 20 percent discount off the one-way fare! FLEXPASS tickets are available for purchase on bus, rail and light rail services, and will only be offered for purchase through the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App MyTix application during the pilot.

A FLEXPASS can be purchased at any time of the month and is non-refundable. Customers may only buy and own one FLEXPASS per mode at a time. You must exhaust all 20-trips before purchasing your next FLEXPASS ticket.


  • Access to FLEXPASS requires customers to update to the latest version of the mobile app (both iOS and Android), and requires a MyTix account.
  • After purchasing a FLEXPASS in the Mobile App, 20 one-way tickets will be deposited into your MyTix account and can be activated for use like any one-way ticket.
  • All tickets associated with a FLEXPASS expire 30 calendar days from when the FLEXPASS was purchased – FLEXPASS tickets may not be paused or frozen.
  • Customers may only purchase another FLEXPASS when all 20 tickets associated with their current FLEXPASS have been used.
  • Tickets associated with a FLEXPASS look exactly like a current one-way ticket and will not have any marks indicating it is associated with a FLEXPASS.
  • Customers who activate a FLEXPASS ticket by mistake should contact Customer Service as soon as possible.
  • Like rail one-way tickets, a rail FLEXPASS does not provide complimentary bus or light rail trips like a Monthly or Weekly Pass.
  • Tickets with expiration dates will show up individually in the “My Tickets” area of the app with their expiration dates in the “Active/Non-Active” section. The total number of tickets (along with expiration dates) will appear under the “All Tickets” section.

For more information, visit the FLEXPASS page at NJ TRANSIT – working hard to improve your customer experience!