My Transit

What does "Remember User ID
and Password" mean?

When you login to My Transit using your registered User ID and password, your browser can "remember" this information for you. Simply check the box and you will not have to login each time you come back to this section. Your ID and password will be automatically entered for you.

Please Note: You should always remember your User ID and password or have them written down in a safe and secure place where you can easily access them if required.

Should I really check the box and use this option?

If you are worried that someone else may accidentally see your personalized My Transit pages, do not check the "Remember User ID and Password" box. You should click on "Log Out" before you close your browser when you leave or walk away from your computer. By doing this, it will guarantee that My Transit will ask you for your ID and password the next time you want to login to My Transit services.

If you use a shared computer, such as in an educational setting, an Internet cafe or other public area, DO NOT utilize this option.

What if I decide to change my mind at a future time?

You can logout of My Transit at any time by clicking on the "Log Out" link on the side menu. Once you sign or logout, you can login again and choose that your browser will now "remember" your User ID and password.

How does this work?

We have enabled this Web site to work like this with something called a persistent cookie. Your browser must be configured to accept the use of persistent cookies if you desire to utilize the "Remember User ID and password" function.