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Are you having trouble when trying to login? Select from either of the options listed below and follow the instructions that are provided to help you login.

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  • Register now to have access to NJ TRANSIT's personalized areas to receive free travel advisory alerts and more. It's quick and easy to register. Simply fill out the registration form. After that, all you have to do is input your ID and Password when logging in to gain access into the personalized areas of the Web site.

  • Did you forget your My Transit Password and/or ID?
  • If you have forgotten your My Transit password and/or ID (or if for some reason, either of them is not working), you can receive your ID and password. Input either your exact User ID or Primary e-mail address, which you supplied when you first registered for the account, in their respective fields below and click on the submit button. REMEMBER: Your username and password are case sensitive.

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After we have verified your information and identity, we will automatically e-mail your My Transit Password and ID to you at the primary e-mail address.