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Since Penn Station New York (PSNY) is the busiest rail station in the United States, Amtrak has to complete infrastructure renewal work while maintaining as much train service as possible. That requires major projects to be completed in stages. Earlier phases of this work included improvements at the western end of PSNY, and track replacement adjacent to several platforms. Work this year is focused on the eastern end of the station and will focus on two interlockings that route trains into and out of the East River Tunnels.

After AM service into PSNY, NJ TRANSIT trains use the East River Tunnels to reach Sunnyside Yard in Queens to prepare for full PM service from PSNY. While Amtrak is repairing and renewing two major interlockings that route trains into and out of the East River Tunnels, access to Sunnyside Yard will be limited and a reduced number of trains can use PSNY. After examining every option, we concluded that diverting a limited number of trains to Hoboken allows us to impact the fewest customers, avoid canceling trains, maintain maximum peak period seats, and maximize travel options at no additional cost to customers.

Service changes will only apply on normal operating weekdays from June 17, 2019 until Friday, September 6, 2019. There are no changes to regular weekend service or holiday service schedules.

Impacts are limited to four Montclair-Boonton Line (MOBO) Midtown Direct peak period trains in each direction, and one North Jersey Coast Line (NJCL) peak period train in each direction. In the morning peak, MOBO 6206, 6210, 6214, 6216, and NJCL 3216 will operate to Hoboken. In the evening peak, MOBO 6263, 6273, 6279, 6283, and NJCL 3269 will operate from Hoboken.

In the reverse-peak, select Morris & Essex Line (M&E) Midtown Direct trains will also operate from Hoboken. However, Midtown Direct reverse peak service to the Montclair and M&E Lines will still be available departing NY in the morning and arriving NY in the evening. Additionally, Morris & Essex Line service at Newark Broad Street will be affected.

To prevent the possibility of unsafe overcrowding conditions from customers transferring to/from PSNY trains at Newark Broad Street, M&E Midtown Direct trains traveling to PSNY between 7:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. and trains traveling from PSNY between 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. will NOT make station stops at Newark Broad Street. Additionally, Train 6363, the 7:18 p.m. from PSNY will not stop at Newark Broad Street. During these timeframes, Newark Broad Street customers must utilize trains to/from Hoboken, or use Newark Light Rail to access Newark Penn Station for PSNY service.

Morristown Line Midtown Direct customers that utilize Newark Broad Street as a transfer point during these time frames may transfer at East Orange Station, which is ADA compliant. Select Midtown trains will make additional stops to provide customers with transfer opportunities. Customers traveling to New York from stations between Hackettstown and Mount Arlington will continue to transfer at Dover to Midtown Direct trains as they do today.

We are adjusting service earlier in June to honor provisions in our collective bargaining agreements that require a schedule change before the end of spring to allow our train crews the opportunity to select new assignments. In addition, making our service adjustments ahead of the start of Amtrak’s construction ensures that multiple, major changes are not taking place on the same day. This allows us to work with Amtrak to ensure our adjusted service is fully in place and running before they begin work that will take the two tracks and interlockings at PSNY out of service.

Make sure you download or update to the latest NJ TRANSIT Mobile App. The app is updated in real time and provides easy access to service information through push notifications on your phone, service advisories, ticket purchases through MyTix, real time train departure and arrival status through DepartureVision, real-time or scheduled bus arrivals through MyBus, and other features to help you get the most from your experience on NJ TRANSIT.

If you will be altering your travel pattern during this time, you may want to update your travel alert preferences on the mobile app and in your My Transit account. If you do not have a My Transit account and are a frequent traveler on NJ TRANSIT, sign up to receive alerts at njtransit.com/mytransit.

Stay connected on social media for updates throughout the service adjustment period. While we make every effort to respond to comments posted on our social media channels, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service team directly with critical or time-sensitive issues. On Twitter, follow our main account @NJTRANSIT, as well as line accounts including @NJTRANSIT_ME, @NJTRANSIT_MOBO, and @NJTRANSIT_NJCL. You may also want to follow @Amtrak and @AmtrakNECAlerts for updates about New York Penn Station.

In 2017, we diverted all Morris & Essex Line trains to Hoboken, impacting approximately 15,000 customers. This year, we are reducing the impact of service adjustments to approximately 5,000 customers by diverting a limited number of PSNY trains to Hoboken each weekday. This year, we are also maintaining off-peak Montclair-Boonton Midtown Direct service, which gives customers with flexible schedules an additional option to travel directly to New York.

As a result of operating with fewer tracks in PSNY, some trains in/out of PSNY may be required to utilize shorter platforms and will be required to have fewer cars. Some trains that currently operate with 10 cars will be reduced to 9 cars.

Overall, our plan maximizes the number of peak period seats available across NJ TRANSIT by rerouting trains to Hoboken instead of canceling any trains.

Two NJCL trains will be affected:

  • NJCL 3216 will arrive at Hoboken at 7:28 a.m. (previously arrived at PSNY 7:30 a.m.) and be renumbered 2602.
    • Customers may utilize 3212, the 5:44 a.m. out of Long Branch or the 3318, 5:40 a.m. departure from Bay Head. Customers may also deboard at Newark Penn Station and take either NEC into PSNY or stay onboard NJCL 3216 to Hoboken.
  • NJCL 3269 will depart Hoboken 5:43 p.m. (previously departed PSNY at 5:46 p.m.) and be renumbered 2611.
    • Alternate travel options for all customers except those traveling to Avenel and Perth Amboy include: 3267, the 5:33 p.m. departure from PSNY; or 3373, the 6:03 p.m. departure from PSNY.
    • Avenel and Perth Amboy customers should use: 3513, the 5:25 p.m. departure from PSNY; or 3271, the 5:55 p.m. departure from PSNY.
    • Customers may also travel on an NEC train to Newark Penn Station and board an NJCL train at Newark Penn Station.

The following trains will depart Hoboken instead of PSNY, and customers will have to take the PATH, another NJ TRANSIT train, or a NJ TRANSIT bus to Hoboken to meet these trains.

  • Midtown Direct 6613 will depart Hoboken at 8:02 a.m. (previously departed PSNY at 8:02 a.m.)
  • Midtown Direct 6617 will depart Hoboken at 8:31 a.m. (previously departed PSNY at 8:42 a.m.) and will terminate at Summit with no service to Dover
  • Midtown Direct 6317 will depart Hoboken at 9:24 a.m. (previously departed PSNY at 9:22 a.m.)

Alternatively, morning outbound customers who wish to continue to travel from PSNY to Morristown Line destinations may use the following trains.

  • 6611 will depart PSNY at 7:50 a.m. to Dover
  • 6315 will depart PSNY at 8:24 a.m. to Summit. Beginning June 16, this train will operate to Dover.
  • 6227 will depart PSNY at 9:09 a.m. to Montclair State University. Transfer at Newark Broad Street to train 851, the 9:13 a.m. departure from Hoboken.
  • 6619 will depart PSNY at 10:05 a.m. to Dover

Only one inbound train will be affected, terminating at Hoboken instead of PSNY.

  • Midtown Direct 6656 (previously arrived at PSNY at 5:04 p.m.)

MOBO 250, currently departs MSU at 4:33 p.m., will depart at 3:41 p.m. and is renumbered as train 246. Customers who cannot make the earlier departure have two alternative options to travel to Newark or Hoboken and transfer to arrive in PSNY:

  • Midtown Direct 6248, departing MSU at 4:13 p.m. and arriving at PSNY at 5:08 p.m. Hoboken customers can transfer from Train 6248 to Train 430 at Newark Broad Street. Train 430 departs Newark Broad Street at 4:57 p.m. and arrives in Hoboken at 5:13 p.m.

Midtown Direct 6252, departing MSU at 5:07 p.m. and arriving at PSNY at 5:57 p.m. Hoboken customers can transfer from Train 6248 to Train 430 at Newark Broad Street. Train 432 departs Newark Broad Street at 5:56 p.m. and arrives in Hoboken at 6:13 p.m.

We are trying a new, more seamless approach to fares that allows those customers most impacted by the adjustments to choose an alternative travel option that best suits their commuting needs. We are reducing the cost of Montclair Boonton Line tickets and passes by at least the corresponding cost of a PATH fare or pass, enabling customers to purchase their choice of PATH and discounted ferry travel at no additional out-of-pocket cost. This approach gives customers the added value of travel flexibility between PATH and ferry by applying their fare savings to the purchase of their PATH or ferry travel at the same fare. Customers travel/from New York City via Hoboken and PATH will experience an out-of-pocket cost between 10-25% lower than current MOBO Midtown Direct fares.

PATH Example: the cost of a monthly MOBO pass will be reduced by at least $89.00, the cost of a monthly PATH pass. With the additional route flexibility of a monthly PATH pass, a customer who arrives in Hoboken can take PATH to 23rd Street for her morning meeting in Midtown. When she leaves her office in Downtown Manhattan later in the day, she can take PATH from World Trade Center to Hoboken to catch her Montclair-Boonton Line train home.

Ferry Example: With the route flexibility of a discounted rail-ferry combination, a customer who arrives in Hoboken can take the NY Waterway ferry to Brookfield Place to reach his office Downtown. After visiting a client in Midtown in the afternoon, he can take the ferry from Midtown-West 39th Street to Hoboken to catch his Montclair-Boonton Line train home.

Monthly passes will go on sale May 19 at 5 p.m. Weekly/One-Way/Round Trip/Ten-Trip/Reduced Fare tickets will go on sale June 13.

Monthly passes will be valid starting June 1. Discounted One-Way, Roundtrip, Ten-Trip and Reduced Fare tickets will be accepted starting June 16. Although regular weekday Midtown-Direct service is scheduled to resume on Monday, September 9th, 2019, tickets purchased with the discount will have expiration dates of September 30, 2019, and will not be accepted starting October 1, 2019.

They will only be valid on the Montclair-Boonton Line.

Getting ready to ride PATH is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. If you use a pay-per-ride MetroCard for PATH, you can load it at any TVM located throughout the New York City Subway and PATH, including those at Subway entrances at New York Penn Station, PATH platforms at Newark Penn Station, and the PATH station inside Hoboken Terminal.
  2. Purchase a PATH SmartLink card with individual fares or a monthly pass at https://www.pathsmartlinkcard.com/, and have it mailed to you! Activate Auto Replenishment, and you won’t have to worry about standing in line all summer! If you prefer to purchase in person, SmartLink vending machines are available at all PATH stations, including Newark Penn Station, Hoboken Terminal, and 33rd Street (one block east of New York Penn Station).
  3. Try a dry run. Once you have your MetroCard or PATH SmartLink card, take a MOBO line train to Hoboken Terminal before June 17, and use PATH to test your route ahead of time.

Purchase a discounted rail-ferry monthly combination pass at any of NJ TRANSIT’s Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), Ticket Offices or the MyTix feature on the mobile app. If you prefer to purchase discounted one-way ferry tickets, show your valid Montclair-Boonton Line ticket at the designated NJ TRANSIT ticket window located in Hoboken Terminal. Please note: we strongly advise you to purchase as many discounted ferry tickets as you anticipate you’ll need, since the discounted ferry tickets will NOT be available for purchase at ferry terminals in New York.

The easiest way is to exit PSNY at 31st and 7th, then walk over one block where you can access PATH at the recently reopened 31st and 6th entrance.

NJ TRANSIT bus service will be enhanced along Bus Route Nos. 324, 191 and 192 which travel along the Montclair-Boonton line to/from Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) to accommodate an anticipated increase in customer demand during this track work, however the enhancements will be limited. We encourage MOBO customers to use the PATH or ferry options as alternatives.

DeCamp bus service will not accept NJ TRANSIT tickets.