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Real-time updates for North Jersey bus services.
Real-time updates for South Jersey bus services.

How to Use MyBus

MyBus shows GPS-based arrival times for buses that will be arriving at your selected stop. Select a route, direction, and stop, or enter a 5-digit stop number to see arrival times.

If a bus is predicted to arrive at the stop in less than 0 minutes, the vehicle's predicted arrival time will be replaced with APPROACHING.

If a bus is delayed due to an unusual event (such as a reroute, incident, equipment problem), the arrival predictions may remain the same or may increase for that bus.

If a bus is stopped for several minutes due to an unusual event (such as stopped by a freight train at a crossing), arrival estimates will switch from counting down minutes to a "DELAYED" notification. Once the bus begins to move again, arrival estimates will appear again.

In the event that a bus stops transmitting data to our servers, it will not appear, even though it is in service.