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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Twice a year, NJ TRANSIT conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey to collect your feedback on your experience and our performance, to help us uncover opportunities to improve.

The information gathered from this survey helps NJ TRANSIT in making strategic decisions in the areas of its operating budget, capital programs, customer service and marketing initiatives, as well as its operations, safety and security. The survey also gives you, our customers, stakeholders, and NJ TRANSIT employees a clear window into how we're performing.

Previous Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

The NJ TRANSIT Customer Satisfaction Survey asks Bus, Rail, Light Rail, and Access Link customers to rate their satisfaction with NJ TRANSIT on a scale of 0 to 10. Customers rate over 40 attributes of NJ TRANSIT's service and also provide basic origin, destination and demographic information. As part of the survey, customers are also asked to identify the three most important service attributes among the list of attributes that they rated. The survey helps identify specific areas needing attention, allowing NJ TRANSIT to focus resources on key drivers of satisfaction to improve the overall customer experience.