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NJ TRANSIT Board Approves
Revised Fare And Service Proposal

Reduced fare increase, bus service restoration aids transit-dependent customers

April 14, 2010

The NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors today approved a revised fare and service plan that eases impacts to the majority of its riders - many who are transit dependent riders, including low-income customers, seniors and people with disabilities - while still helping close the agency's looming $300 million budget gap.

The final fare plan that will take effect May 1 provides for a 10 percent increase for local bus and light rail riders - who make up 52 percent of NJ TRANSIT customers. The plan preserves selected bus routes in eight counties, as well as Access Link paratransit services that shadow the restored bus routes.

Under the plan, fares for local bus, light rail and Access Link services will rise 10 percent on May 1, 2010. The cost of a one-zone bus trip will increase from $1.35 to $1.50.

Although one-way commuter rail tickets will increase 25 percent, deep monthly discounts will be maintained. Off-peak rail roundtrip discounts - currently used by 17 percent of rail customers - will not be sold after April 30 and will not be accepted after May 23. Most customers using weekly and monthly rail passes will continue to be able to make connections between trains and buses without additional cost.

Interstate and commuter bus fares will increase 25 percent. Discounted 10-trip tickets will continue to be offered, with discounts capped at 15 percent.

Discounts for seniors, children and people with disabilities will continue to be offered at 50 percent or more off the applicable one-way fare.

The revised fare plan reduces the systemwide fare increase to 22%.

The Board also approved retaining service on several local bus routes in Middlesex, Morris, Monmouth, Somerset, and Warren counties that had been proposed for elimination. In addition, NJ TRANSIT will continue to operate its No. 68 (Old Bridge-Weehawken) and No. 138 (Old Bridge-East Brunswick-New York) routes.

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