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Guidelines for NJ TRANSIT Staff When Requested to Speak
or Participate at a School or Community Group Event
This document summarizes the process that NJ TRANSIT employees must follow when invited to speak or participate in an event at a school or a local community group. This includes any request for information regarding a specific NJ TRANSIT project
Employee Guidelines
Employees will be notified well in advance of the speaking engagement or event, and will be given a choice of dates that best works with his/her schedule, if possible. NJ TRANSIT employees are prohibited from accepting any fee, gift or personal favor associated with a speaking engagement.
When the date is confirmed with the participant, the office of the Strategic Staffing department will contact the school or community group as a final check on arrangements. Should the participant be unable to keep the commitment, a suitable replacement should be found by the participating department. In the unlikely event a replacement can not be found, NJ TRANSIT will make every effort to reschedule in a timely manner.
Background Information
Anyone interested in having an NJ TRANSIT representative come to their school or community group must complete a Speaker Request Form before any speaking engagement can be scheduled. In the case of a Career Fair, a letter on school letterhead is required. Click here for a copy of the Speaker Request Form or Contact the Strategic Staffing department at 973-378-6068, Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM to receive a form.
Once the Speaker Request Form is received by the Strategic Staffing department, it will be processed as soon as possible. A speaking engagement will be scheduled ONLY when the Strategic Staffing department receives a Speaker Request Form. In the case of a Career Fair, a letter on school letterhead is required. A member of the Strategic Staffing department will contact the department most appropriate for the engagement to see if a representative is available to speak or participate in the event.