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Guidelines for College Recruiting
As experienced employees retire, NJ TRANSIT is looking to replace them with interested graduates from local community colleges and universities. Losing the experience, along with a shortage of individuals interested in working in transportation-related careers, could be devastating.
NJ TRANSIT is also looking for individuals with experience and requisite skills to fill open positions in administrative, technical and operational areas. Recruiting talented persons is crucial for the agency's longevity.
Educational Visits
NJ TRANSIT is interested in attracting recent college graduates to work in transportation-related careers. One of the ways to achieve this is to increase the awareness of college students about professional and technical opportunities in transportation.
Attendance at career fairs and other college-related activities is determined by the Strategic Staffing department based on organizational needs and budgetary constraints. It is important to have these activities centralized within NJ TRANSIT to maintain control of them. If an employee is contacted by a college or university in this regard, please refer the call to the Strategic Staffing department.
In addition, NJ TRANSIT reaches out to applicants the organization wishes to recruit. These individuals are invited to tour identified sites of interest.
Summer Intern Program
The program is selective and open to full-time college and graduate school students. Solicitations are first extended to families and friends of NJ TRANSIT employees. NJ TRANSIT recruits from local colleges and universities on an as-needed basis.
For More Information
If you would like more information or have any additional questions, please contact the Strategic Staffing department at 973-378-6068, Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM.