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NJ TRANSIT's Business Diversity Specialists work closely with DBE, MWBE and SBE owners to assist them with certification, the bidding process and the mandates of contract compliance. NJ TRANSIT's Office of Business Diversity also assists these businesses to compete more effectively. This is accomplished by providing the businesses with advice such as how to respond to bid opportunities, or providing them with help to finance their business needs via the Office of Business Diversity's Access to Capital Loans Program and more.

In general, NJ TRANSIT's Office of Business Diversity connects businesses with:

  • Certification and Technical Support
  • Procurement Seminars and Workshops
  • Business Outreach and Networking Events
  • Financial Assistance and Marketing Insights
  • Continuing Education, including via Online Learning Programs
  • Construction and Vocational Training Initiatives
  • Joint Ventures and other Strategic Business Alliances

Business-to-Business Networking, Financial and Technical Assistance
Throughout the year, the Office of Business Diversity sponsors activities designed to assist in the nurturing and the development of small businesses. These events and specialized training programs include providing access to financing resources.

In the construction trades, the Office of Business Diversity has developed strategic partnerships with several organizations. The Regional Alliance of Small Contractors of New York and New Jersey is chief among them. This non-profit organization works with the Office of Business Diversity to offer project financing, access to loan programs and training workshops in topics related to the industry. At the request of the Office of Business Diversity, the Regional Alliance also provides information in the areas of bonding, project estimating, bookkeeping and marketing.

NJ TRANSIT's Contract Administration Hotline

NJ TRANSIT's toll-free Contract Hotline is a 24-hour voice-mail system. Call it to get information on upcoming projects, pre-bid meetings, and contract and procurement activities.