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The new Morrisville Yard, which went into service on March 7, 2004, provides 12 electrified tracks to house and service existing Trenton-New York trains. Construction of Phase II of this project is necessary to accommodate future service expansion on the Northeast Corridor.

Project Scope
Phase II work includes expansion of the Morrisville Yard to double train storage capacity, including additional electrified tracks to accommodate 120 rail cars, two elevated inspection tracks in a fully enclosed Service & Inspection facility, a Wheel Truing Facility, and expansion of the Crew Quarter Building and employee parking area.

Project Cost
$121 million

Current Status
The Yard and Service & Inspection facility are scheduled to be put in service early 2008.

Expansion of Morrisville Yard will provide for necessary additional train storage to accommodate additional service generated on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) by the Secaucus Transfer Station and the Clocker service.

NJ TRANSIT Department of Capital Planning and Programs
January 2008