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An August 2000 study, of Rolling Stock Maintenance Infrastructure, identified several improvements needed to the existing maintenance facilities at the Meadows Maintenance Complex (MMC). These improvements are necessary because rapid growth of NJ TRANSIT's commuter rail operations has generated a need to maintain a significantly expanded fleet. Further, new FRA inspection regulations will introduce special maintenance practices that must be followed.

Project Scope
Improvements and expansion of the existing MMC facility include construction of a new train washer, expansion of the Service & Inspection Building, expansion of the Car Area and Locomotive Area of Building #1, construction of a new seven track switching yard, extension of the catenary system and the installation of a wheel press, parts cleaner and heated lubricating oil in Building #1. Construction will be phased, allowing increased train storage capacity and servicing prior to overall project completion.

Project Cost
$106.7 million

Current Status
NJ TRANSIT held a dedication on November 26, 2007. The project is complete.

The improvements will increase capacity to allow for continued efficient maintenance operations at the MMC.

NJ TRANSIT Department of Capital Planning and Programs
January 2008