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NJ TRANSIT's Office of Business Development is responsible for ensuring participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms in contracting opportunities in accordance with Title 49 Part 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations The DBE program is intended to level the playing field on DOT- assisted contracts so that DBEs can compete fairly. NJ TRANSIT's Business Development Team works closely with business owners to assist them with DBE certification. The team also assists DBE and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms with the bidding process, contract compliance, seminars and workshops.

In general, NJ TRANSIT's Office of Business Development provides resources for:

  • DBE Certification and Technical Support
  • Procurement events and opportunities
  • Business Outreach and Networking Events
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Construction and Vocational Training
  • Joint Venture and other strategic business alliances

Throughout the year, the Office of Business Development supports activities that nurture the development of small, minority, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses.

The Office of Business Development is broken into two areas:

Outreach & Certification Unit

Contract Compliance Unit

DBE/SBE Program Goals

DBE Program Goal

New Jersey Transit is a recipient of federal transportation dollars awarded through the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Transit Administration (FTA). As of 2010, NJ TRANSIT is required to establish a three-year goal and submit it to the FTA for review. This goal is to be established in compliance with the federal regulations governing the Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Department of Transportation Financial Assistance Programs (hereafter referred to as "USDOT regulations").

NJ TRANSIT's Triennial DBE Agency Goal for Federal FY 2017-2019 is 20.03%.

SBE Program Goal

The State of New Jersey's Small Business Set-Aside program has a goal that 25% of state contract and purchase order dollars be awarded to Small Business Enterprises (SBE). Small Business Enterprise registration will ensure your company is a member of a limited group of vendors eligible to participate in these selected contract offerings.

NJ TRANSIT participates in the SBE Program but does not certify SBEs.

To view the eligibility requirements and apply to become an SBE please click here.

New Jersey Unified Certification Program (NJ UCP)

In accordance with 49 CFR, Part 26 all recipients from the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) receiving financial assistance must create and participate in a statewide Unified Certification Program (UCP). In 2006 the New Jersey Unified Certification Program (NJ UCP) was created with the following three agency partners - New Jersey Transit (NJT) New Jersey, Department of Transportation (NJ DOT), and the Port Authority of NY & NJ (PANYNJ).

The NJ UCP is an initiative that streamlines the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification process. This single uniform process eliminates the need for multiple applications to the other NJ UCP partners.

Businesses that are certified as a DBE by one of the three agencies are automatically certified with the other two agency partners and included in the NJ UCP DBE Directory. The NJ UCP DBE Directory lists all DBE Firms certified in the NJ UCP.

The primary objectives of the NJ UCP are to:

  • Provide and support a single uniform certification process.
  • List businesses in a centralized DBE Directory.
  • Simplify the process of staying DBE certified.

Out of state businesses must be DBE certified in their home state by their governing agency before applying to the NJ UCP.

To be eligible for DBE Certification, a firm must:

  • Be at least 51% owned by one or more socially or economically disadvantaged individuals. (A socially disadvantaged individual is a citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident, who is a member of one of the following groups: Black American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian- Pacific American, Subcontinent American, or Woman.)
  • Be an independent business, and one or more of the socially disadvantaged owners must control its management and daily operations
  • Be an existing "for- profit business"
  • Have owners' whose Personal Net Worth does not exceed $1.32 million with regulatory exclusions (does not include your primary residence & ownership interest in the applying DBE firm)

If you are interested in applying for DBE Certification with NJ TRANSIT please click here.

Please note: A socially disadvantaged individual is a citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident, who is a member of one of the following groups: Black American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian- Pacific American, Subcontinent American, or Woman.

Click here for the NJ UCP DBE Application

Click here for access to the NJ UCP DBE Directory

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