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Branch Brook Park Station Newsstand


Branch Brook Park Station



NJ TRANSIT is interested in receiving Expressions of Interest from an experienced, financially sound individual or entity to operate a concession at the following location:

Branch Brook Park Station – A freestanding structure of approximately 275 square feet on the Newark Light Rail Line, serving an average of 2,270 passengers weekly and commuting to various connection points including Grove Street Station and Newark Penn Station.       

Selection of a lessee will be based upon review of proposals submitted to NJ TRANSIT in response to a Request for Proposal package issued to parties submitting an Expression of Interest.  

Please submit your written Expression of Interest on your letterhead, or by clicking the link below. Your written Expression of Interest must be post-marked, or your email received, no later than July 31, 2017. No telephone Expressions of Interest will be accepted.  

Expression of Interest should be sent to:

Aloysius Amaechi

Manager, Property Management, Lease Negotiations & Compliance

NJ Transit-Real Estate & Economic Development

One Penn Plaza East

Newark, New Jersey 07105-2246