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Staying Safe on Elevators and Escalators

We want you to stay safe on our escalators and elevators as you travel through our stations and terminals. Here are some tips to make your trip safe.

  • Take your time and carefully step onto the escalator or elevator.
  • When traveling on an escalator, keep one hand on the handrail. If the handrail on the escalator slips ahead or behind the steps, slowly reposition your hand.
  • When using elevators, let others leave before you get on.
  • When using escalators face the direction of travel.
  • Keep bags and carryon items in front of you and away from the doors of an elevator.
  • If you have large items, please use the elevator.
  • Securely hold a child's hand while on an escalator or elevator.
  • Check for loose shoelaces or loose clothing before stepping onto an escalator.
  • Only hit the stop button on an escalator or elevator if there is a true emergency.
  • Move away from the escalator so that others behind you have room to exit.

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