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Limited Access to Railcars

Why can't I access that railcar? That's a frequent question we receive from customers who find closed doors on some railcars at Penn Station New York (PSNY) or no ability to access certain cars at the front or the back of the train during off-peak hours.

After careful observation, research and feedback from our Safety Department and train crews, we developed a policy to keep railcar doors closed near the escalators at PSNY to streamline customer flow along the platforms and prevent potentially hazardous backups near moving escalators. Crewmembers are directed to open those doors as departure time approaches to help ensure last-minute customer boarding can take place near the escalators.

Meanwhile, during off-peak hours when train travel is lighter, we reduce the number of crewmembers on our trains. To ensure those onboard can perform their required duties in a timely manner, crewmembers are instructed to close one or more railcars based on the length of the train and estimated number of customers expected on that train. The number of open cars and crewmembers onboard is reevaluated periodically to ensure adequate seating and employee coverage.

Thanks for understanding. Your safety and comfort remain our top priority.

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