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Improving Fare Collection and Communication

Coming soon to all of our trains - Handheld Mobile Devices (HMDs), bringing the latest technology onboard to modernize, streamline and secure our fare collection process and improve onboard communication.

A select number of NJ TRANSIT conductors are already using HMDs on multiple rail lines as part of a pilot program to test the use of these new devices. Conductors will randomly scan and validate your paper and mobile tickets with the HMDs, providing a one-step process to validate and cancel tickets.

Among the customer benefits:

  • The HMDs will replace Nextel phones currently in use, giving conductors direct access to real-time data to improve customer communication.
  • The HMDs can easily be adapted to support multiple apps and house other relevant material that is useful for onboard communication.
  • With onboard inspection/validation of mobile daily tickets, we have the opportunity to move to offline ticket activation, which will no longer require customers to have internet access to activate a ticket.

Based on feedback received during the pilot program, refinements will be made before the HMDs are gradually rolled out to all train crewmembers.

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