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New CNG Buses Offer More Seats and Amenities

Our new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cruiser bus fleet is operating on the Route 9 Corridor and supplementing service on the No. 128 route, adding capacity and enhancing service reliability.

The buses provide more seats and overall capacity for customers than our recently retired CNG buses - increasing the number of seats from 49 (plus four standees) to 57. As a result of federal restrictions, our newest CNG buses are not permitted to allow standees because they are longer and heavier than the retired CNG buses (45 feet long vs. 40 feet long). If one of these buses passes you by, it's probably because all seats are filled. When this happens the destination sign on the front of the bus should read "Bus Full, No Standees."

The new CNG buses also offer the latest amenities, including individual LED reading lights and HVAC controls, non-slip flooring, overhead racks, vinyl seats, a fully accessible wheelchair lift and seating area, automatic turn-warning announcements, onboard cameras and the latest emissions technology that complies with the federal Clean Air Act.

We hope our customers riding this new bus enjoy their new travel experience!

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