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Stay Safe On Our System

Thanks for riding NJ TRANSIT. We're glad that you are on board. We also want your trip to be a safe one, so please observe the following safety tips when riding our system.

General Tips

  • Use caution when using headsets or cell phones at crosswalks, grade crossings, bus stops or train stations - "Heads Up, Phones Down."
  • Stop, look and listen before crossing streets at designated crosswalks.

Rail/Light Rail Safety

  • Be ALERT! Trains or light rail vehicles can approach from any direction at any time, on any track, and can be very quiet.
  • Cross tracks at designated crossings, such as overpasses, underpasses or clearly-marked grade crossings.
  • Bus Safety

  • Stand away from the curb when waiting for a bus and never chase a moving bus.
  • Never cross in front of a bus after exiting the vehicle; wait for the bus to pull away and cross at designated crosswalks.
  • Access Link Safety

  • Customers must keep seat and shoulder belts properly fastened until their vehicle makes a complete stop.
  • Customers with children must bring a child or booster seat appropriate for the child's age and weight.
  • Motorist Safety

  • Observe all lights, gates, bells and other safety devices at grade crossings.
  • Do NOT stop your vehicle on the tracks; wait for traffic ahead of you to clear, providing you with enough space to completely cross the tracks.
  • For further information and helpful tips to stay safe on our system, please visit our safety page at Thank you for riding and have a safe day!

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