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The Commuter Tool Kit

The Tools You Need For a Better Travel Experience

There are many ways you can get information in and around the landscape of NJ TRANSIT. If you have a question or need to communicate or connect with us, the Commuter Tool Kit is for you. The Commuter Tool Kit places more than 20 of our travel tools at your fingertips.

Many of our tools give you real-time and scheduled service information, such as My Transit, MyBus, MyLightRail and DepartureVision.

Our social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube - are also popular tools to learn about new initiatives, promotions and major events. And, if you haven't already done so, download our mobile app, another popular tool to obtain information quickly and purchase tickets easily from your mobile device.

To open our new Commuter Tool Kit, visit and click on Rider Tools.

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