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Do Not Enter the #RudeZone!

While NJ TRANSIT strives to make your trip as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, you may occasionally encounter another customer with questionable manners.

We recently launched a new customer courtesy campaign on our trains called "Rude Zone," a tongue-in-cheek approach to remind all of our customers about onboard courtesy. This creative approach is being promoted with postcards, onboard posters, digital billboards and via our social media channels.

You may have seen one of these customers during your trip:

  • PHONE BOOTH - Someone on a cell phone sharing intimate or boring details of their life "confidentially" at the top of their lungs.

  • POTTY MOUTH - With a vocabulary that primarily consists of four-letter words.

  • EXCESS BAGGAGE - The one who blocks aisles and seats with their personal baggage or other belongings.

  • TRAVELING DJ - Sporting headphones that can be heard ten seats away.

  • FOOT LOOSE - Someone who thinks they are sitting in a lounge chair with their feet kicked up on the seat.

  • COASTLINE CLIPPER - The guy or gal who trims their nails or nasal hair or, better yet, cleans their ear wax on the train…yuck!

You can find our humorous Rude Zone messages by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter icons at; join the conversation by using the hashtag #RudeZone. The campaign will extend to other NJ TRANSIT modes in future months.

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