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Budgets Approved
Stables Fares, New Investments

The NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors recently approved the agency’s Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) Operating and Capital budgets.

Fares will remain stable in the FY19 operating budget, and allow for the expansion of personnel in critical positions, including bus operators, training instructors, trainmasters, road foremen, regional supervisors, locomotive engineers and conductors.

The FY19 capital budget supports long-needed investments in equipment and infrastructure to maintain a state-of-good repair, and enhance reliability, safety and resiliency. That includes ongoing installation of Positive Train Control, railroad bridge rehabilitation work, track replacement, signal upgrades, new locomotives, multilevel railcars, cruiser buses, Access Link vehicles, station improvements, inspections and repairs, and the rollout of new technology.

Additional funding is earmarked for local programs, including transportation for senior citizens and people with disabilities in urban and rural areas of New Jersey.

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