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A Message from Executive Director Kevin Corbett

Let me begin by saying it is an incredible honor to lead NJ TRANSIT and to serve you, the riding public.

Many of you may be wondering what inspired me to take on the role of Executive Director at NJ TRANSIT. For me, the reasons are many. Among them; I like challenges. I also strongly believe my nearly 30 years of international transportation and construc-tion experience in the public and private sectors are well suited for those challenges.

I have a history of public service and enjoy the unique rewards that it brings. That includes having the privilege of leading the rebuilding effort in Downtown Manhattan after 9/11. I've also been closely involved in many major transportation projects that touch the lives of regional customers, including at Penn Station New York and Moynihan Station.

As a graduate of Georgetown University, a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson School and a Blue & Gold Officer for the U.S. Naval Academy, I'm driven by a passion for precision and excellence. I like to consider myself a problem solver but I have always surrounded myself with people of excellence who can help me achieve that.

I will be working with the men and women of NJ TRANSIT on some very complicated infrastructure, equipment and operational issues, with a laser focus on exceptional performance to help us achieve a turnaround. All decisions will be made with you in mind, but with safety remaining our highest priority.

In closing, I have been riding NJ TRANSIT for nearly 30 years and will continue to do so in my role as Executive Director. Both as a commuter and a professional, I, like you, have observed a number of ups and downs. The opportunity presented to me now is one I'm incredibly excited about. I am committed to delivering a service level that you can be proud of. It won't happen overnight. But changes are already on the way (see the Commuter Relief Plan we announced in this issue of FYI) and more will follow.

Warmest regards,


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