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Safety First!
Educational Blitz Coming to a Location near You

NJ TRANSIT is in the midst of a safety blitz to ensure you remain safe around railroad grade crossings. The safety blitzes occur during morning and evening rush hours several times per month through the end of the year to remind both motorists and pedestrians about staying safe around grade crossings.

We'll be visiting grade crossings and train stations on the North Jersey Coast Line, Morris & Essex Lines, Montclair- Boonton Lines, Bergen County Line, Main Line and Pascack Valley Line. Once there, we will be handing out educational materials, including the pictured safety brochure.

Here are some important safety tips to observe around grade crossings.

  • Only cross at designated pedestrian and vehicular grade crossings.
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  • NEVER go under or around crossing gates when lights are flashing, bells are ringing and when they are lowering or in the down position.
  • Wait for gates to return to their full, upright position and red lights stop flashing before proceeding across the tracks.
  • Never stop in traffic on a grade crossing - stop at least 15 feet from the tracks until it is safe to cross.
  • Observe safety signs that are posted at designated crossings.
  • Disable headphones or earbuds before crossing the tracks - stop, look and listen!
  • Remember trains can approach grade crossings on any track, from any direction, at any time.
  • Trains are often moving faster and are closer than they appear - do not try to beat a train across the tracks!

If you notice a dangerous condition at a grade crossing such as a car stuck on the tracks or a malfunctioning gate, immediately contact the New Jersey Transit Police Department. Look for a blue sign posted nearby that displays the police contact number (800-242-0236), a U.S. Department of Transportation crossing identification number and the street name.

Finally, it doesn't pay to violate grade crossing laws. The penalty for a motor vehicle offense can be as high as a $200 fine plus court costs and/or up to 15 days imprisonment, and two points on your driver's license. The penalty for pedestrians crossing the tracks while gates are down is $54 fine plus court costs.

Safety first can save a life!

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