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The one-seat ride to New York has arrived for Raritan Valley Line (RVL) customers. New weekday, midday service to Penn Station New York debuted March 3, 2014.

What's so special about this pilot program? The RVL is a diesel rail line and its trains are not allowed to operate under diesel power through the Hudson River tunnels between New Jersey and New York. But NJ TRANSIT's new dual-powered locomotives operate by diesel and electric power. As a result, New York-bound trains on the RVL can transition from diesel to electric power in Newark Penn Station (NPS) by raising the locomotive's pantograph (pictured) to make contact with the overhead wire before continuing the trip to New York, and lowering the pantograph at NPS to switch to diesel power for westbound RVL service.

Under the current RVL pilot program, NJ TRANSIT is offering five roundtrips each weekday to/from New York between the morning and afternoon rush hours. Three of the roundtrips travel to/from Raritan. The remaining two roundtrips travel to/from High Bridge.

NJ TRANSIT will be evaluating ridership patterns and capacity issues at Penn Station New York during the pilot program.

You can pick up a new RVL schedule at one of our Customer Service offices. They can also be found online at Hover on "Schedules and Fares" and click on "Trains" to find schedules for all of our rail lines. The new midday, weekday service to Penn Station New York is highlighted in blue on RVL schedules (5100-series trains).

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