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Project Scope:

This project involves the design, purchase and installation of an Automatic Train Control (ATC) signal system for NJ TRANSIT’s River Line.  The River Line was constructed with a signal system that relies upon signal displays visible to the light rail vehicle operating along the track (wayside signals).  An ATC system will permit the train operator to view the current signal restrictions from the cab of the light rail vehicle, rather than relying on wayside signals along the right-of-way.  The ATC system provides a significant enhancement in managing train movements.  In addition, Section 104 of the Rail Safety Act of 2008 mandates the installation of “Positive Train Control” by 2015.  An ATC signal system must be in place to permit NJ TRANSIT to meet this requirement.


Project Cost:

$2,779,000 ($2,779,000 funded by the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009)