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Project Scope:                                                                                                                                      This project involves the final design of a new two-track, fixed-span bridge across Hackensack River between Secaucus and Kearny.  It is located approximately six miles west of New York City along the Northeast Corridor (NEC) passenger rail line.  The scope of this project includes activities for the track structure and track, civil and hydrology work, surveying and geotechnical work, utility engineering, communications and signaling design, electric traction design, and the development of cost estimates for all project components. 


Project Cost:

Approximately $55,000,000.



Anticipated completion – Winter 2012 



This rail bridge is a vital part of the NEC, one of the busiest rail corridors in the nation running service between Boston, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.  Amtrak operates some 103 scheduled trains in both directions over this segment of the NEC between Newark, New Jersey and New York. Four of NJ TRANSIT’s rail lines with approximately 393 trains each weekday in both directions use the Portal Bridge to access New York Penn Station.


The project, when complete, will enhance capacity to meet current and future demand including new service along the NEC; improve service reliability and operational flexibility; provide a redundant Hackensack River crossing to facilitate maintenance and enhance passenger safety and security; minimize conflicts with maritime traffic; optimize existing infrastructure and planned improvements; and, minimize impacts on the surrounding environment.