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Project Scope:

The project involves the purchase of an additional 1145 buses.  The acquisition is divided into 250 suburban buses and 895 transit buses, both manufactured by North American Bus Industries.  Vehicle procurement and delivery has already begun and will take several years to complete.


Project Cost:

Approximately $460,000,000.



Delivery date of first suburban bus – Winter 2009

Delivery date of 250th suburban – Winter 2010

Delivery date of first transit bus – Winter 2010

Anticipated delivery date of 895th transit bus – Winter 2014



Both the suburban and transit buses are 40-feet long and seat up to 42 passengers.  Suburban buses, designed for longer commutes, feature overhead parcel racks.  Vehicle use state-of-the-art, clean diesel engines and will replace older vehicles nearing the end of their service life.