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You want to be part of the savings. What do you do to make that happen?

Find Out About the Program

If you have not already reviewed our Frequently Asked Questions, we encourage you to do so. It contains answers to dozens of the most popular questions about pre-tax benefits.

What Do You Need to Do?

The first step is talking to your employer. The only way to access pre-tax salary is through your employer. Once you take home your paycheck, you have paid income tax on that salary. The pre-tax transit benefit is not a year-end deduction. It is payroll deductions throughout the year before taxes.

What to Ask

Check with your employer to see if they already offer a commuter tax benefit. You may want to start with the Benefits Department, your Payroll contact or Human Resources Department. They will help you figure out if the benefit is already offered to employees.

There are a number of programs providing the pre-tax transit benefit. They have different names, some more recognizable than others. The programs are based on the same pre-tax regulations and guidelines. They all provide the pre-tax savings for using mass transit. Some of the programs offered in the New Jersey area:

  • BusinessPass (NJ TRANSIT)
  • Commuter Check (Wired Commute/Edenred)
  • Benefit Resource Inc.
  • TotalBen LLC
  • TranBen Ltd.
  • RideECO (Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission)
  • WageWorks/TransitChek

In addition to these programs, payroll service companies like ADP, offer a transit pre-tax benefit option. A common name for the benefit is "commuter tax benefit".

If the company does not already offer a pre-tax transit benefit, ask if it can be added. It is worth exploring. Go for it!

How Does the Employer Look In to the Benefit?
Send them to the NJ TRANSIT website. Let NJ TRANSIT help them through the process and provide them with the information they need to explore the options, programs and benefits of pre-tax transit.

Employers may contact NJ TRANSIT for assistance with understanding the benefit and BusinessPass program at 973-491-7288 or via email.