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New Bus Schedules Effective Saturday, April 8, 2017
March 13, 2017

New bus schedules will take effect Saturday, April 8 on several NJ TRANSIT bus routes. 

Please note the following service changes:

Bus No. 1 Weekdays:  At the request of our customers, the 3:45 PM and 4:21 PM trips out of Exchange Place have been extended to serve Ivy Hill.  Additional minor trip adjustments throughout the day.

Bus No. 25 Daily:
  At the request of our customers, select trips throughout the day will be re-routed to serve the Newark Industrial Park (Firmenich Way).   

Bus No.  67 Weekdays: To improve on time performance between Old Bridge Park & Ride and Newark Penn Station, additional running time will be added on the last two AM peak trips. These trips will have 10 to 20 minutes of time added and to strive for the current Newark arrival times these trips will leave all time points between Lakewood and Old Bridge 10 to 20 minutes earlier. 

Bus No. 73 Weekdays:  Select trips will no longer serve Micro Lab Road in Livingston.  Additional minor changes to trip times throughout the day.

Bus No. 113 Weekdays: Select minor adjustments to trip start times have been made throughout the day.

Bus No. 126 Weekdays:  To enhance the customer experience, 7 additional PM trips departing from the Port Authority Bus Terminal have been added to the schedule. Please see your timetable for more information

Bus No. 137 Weekdays: In response to customer request for earlier AM service to New York, a new parkway express trip will be added departing Toms River Park & Ride at 4:30 AM.

Bus No. 139 Weekdays:
In response to customer requests and to add to the current span of service along the Covered Bridge/Pease Road branch, two trips will be extended beyond the Union Hill Park Ride to serve the entire Covered Bridge/Pease Road branch up to Taylors Mill Road at Country Lane. These trips will operate from Gate 325 and will leave New York at 4:34 PM and 6:40 PM.  No. 130 trips serving the Covered Bridge/Pease Road branch will continue at their current times and leave from Gate 326.

Bus No. 154 Weekdays: No. 154 “X” express trips beginning and ending trips south of Nungessers will now service JFK Blvd. at 48th Street stops (in both directions) for service to Hudson-Bergen Light Rail’s Bergenline Avenue Station.

Bus No. 160 Weekdays: Addition of a new earlier trip in the TO New York direction. Schedule adjustments in the PM rush hour departing New York.

Bus Nos. 167 & 177 Weekdays and Sundays: Selected weekday trips have been extended TO/FROM Harrington Park. Service to NY on Sundays will operate every 30 minutes from 3-7 PM.

Bus Nos. 171, 175, 178, 181, 182, 186 and 188 Daily: On or about May 1, the George Washington Bridge Bus Station will reopen with new gate assignments. See schedules for additional information.

Bus Nos. 196/197 Weekdays: Addition of earlier 197 service departing Warwick in the TO NY direction. Corresponding AM weekday schedule adjustments.

Bus No. 308 Saturdays and Sundays: service for the 2017 season will start on Saturday, April 1. 

Bus Nos. 313, 315, 317, 400, 402, 404, 408, 409/418, 410, 412, 414, 417, 551 and 555: The timetables will be updated to show a timepoint for Bridge Plazaon trips from Philadelphia that operate via I-676 or Admiral Wilson Boulevard.

324 Weekdays: An AM weekday trip in the TO NY direction has been extended back to begin at Mothers Park& Ride at 6:29 AM.

Bus Nos. 414, 417 and 555: The timetable will be reissued to correct fare information and to update the stick maps.

Bus Nos. 400, 413 and 553: Selected trips will be adjusted to improve on time performance.

Bus Nos. 508 and 554: The New Road and California Avenue timepoints will be updated to show the correct towns where the bus stops are located.

Bus No. 703 Daily: Schedule adjustments to improve on-time performance.

Bus No. 801: The schedule will be adjusted to improve on time performance.

Bus Nos. 802, 803, 804, and 805: The last trip will be adjusted to ensure train connections.

Bus No 838: The Fare Information on the timetable will be corrected to show information for 3 fare zones.

For information, call NJ TRANSIT Customer Service at (973) 275-5555 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.