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A Message for Our Gladstone Branch Customers

NJ TRANSIT knows what a challenging time this has been for our Gladstone Branch customers in wake of the devastating damage left behind by Hurricane Sandy along this rail line.  Restoration of service to the Branch has been unusually difficult for several reasons.   

The damage
As a result of the storm’s impact, five catenary – overhead wire – poles snapped during the storm.  The poles, which exceed 90 feet in length, are custom-made.  We also will replace more than five miles of overhead wire.

In addition, fallen trees damaged the tracks as well as critical equipment such as the signals and switches along the line.  As a result of Hoboken’s substation damage from the storm, the only trains that can navigate into the terminal are diesel operated equipment.

Rest assured, NJ TRANSIT crews are working around the clock to restore service along the Gladstone Branch. We should have more information as to when service is expected to be restored by the end of this week.

The repair
We began installing new poles during last week and new wiring is being installed across the length of the Branch this week.  Additionally, crews removed the 49 trees that were on the tracks, and we are in the process of repairing damage to the line’s infrastructure.

When service resumes, Gladstone trains will operate using diesel locomotives to and from Hoboken while repairs to the substation continue through the New Year.  Electric trains will operate Midtown Direct service to New York via Secaucus.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to work toward restoring service on the line.  Further information on service restoration will be available at the end of this week.