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DepartureVision - A New Level of Customer Information from NJ TRANSIT

Introducing DepartureVision™

DepartureVision is a new, free service from that will display train departure screens on your desktop computer or web-enabled mobile device, including:

  • Departure Time (time the train is scheduled to depart the station)
  • Destination
  • Train Number
  • Line (using standard train line abbreviations, such as “NEC” and “NJCL”)
  • Status (countdown to train arrival/departure starting at 30 minutes) 

Want to find out whether a train is an express or a local?  Simply click on the train's departure time and you'll see all upcoming station stops, including estimated arrival times.  The arrivaltimes are automatically adjusted to reflect any delays the train has experienced en route.

To view DepartureVision on a desktop computer, select any rail Station Information page, then click on the DepartureVision link above the map. 

To view DepartureVision from your mobile device, simply click on the DepartureVision link on the mobile version of  (To access the mobile website, visit using your mobile device.)


On iPhones and Android phones, DepartureVision should work "out of the box."

BlackBerry users:  To get the full DepartureVision experience, check your Browser Options and ensure that foreground and background colors are turned on, stylesheets are enabled and HTML tables are enabled.


Why are there two links for Secaucus Junction—upper level and lower level?

To simplify the presentation of trains, Secaucus upper level departures and lower level departures are presented as two separate screens.  Most commuters will need to view one level in the morning and the other in the evening.  This approach enables us to present more trains -- and do so in a clearer format.

Is DepartureVision a substitute for My Transit Alerts?

No.  We encourage all customers to sign up for alerts and advisories through My Transit.  While DepartureVision does a good job of telling you the train's status, it cannot explain incidents or provide travel advice.  Sign up for My Transit.

I noticed something that is inaccurate.  What should I do?

We encourage you to report any problems you come across.  Contact us.  


Sometimes there are slight differences between DepartureVision and the departure board in my station.  Which is more accurate?

During major service disruptions, DepartureVision may have difficulty identifying trains as equipment is reassigned and rerouted.  In the event of a difference between DepartureVision and your station's departure board, you should consider the in-station information to be more accurate.

Important Disclaimer

Train status information is relayed to DepartureVision from a number of sources, including Amtrak and Conrail.  While every effort has been made to ensure that train status information is as reliable as possible, we cannot guarantee accuracy.

DepartureVision data is the property of NJ TRANSIT and may not be retransmitted, copied, saved, published or used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of NJ TRANSIT.

NJ TRANSIT is not responsible for the inconvenience, expense or damage resulting from errors, cancelled or delayed trains, or failure to make connections.  Customers are encouraged to listen to station announcements for additional information.