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Convent Station

City: Morristown

County: Morris

Location: Convent Road near intersection of Rt. 124

No Photo available

This station does not provide accessible boarding. Use our System Map to locate the nearest accessible station.

Convent Station - Parking

Click on this map or the lot number below for details. Information is available for lots:
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3 4
Parking facilities not owned by NJ TRANSIT are listed for informational purposes only. Parking fees are subject to change without notice at these locations. Additional off-site parking may be available - visit the location for more information.

Ticketing Services:

Ticket Office Hours:
Located at West Convent Road, Convent, NJ 07961
6:00AM - 1:30PM (Monday-Friday)
CLOSED on Saturday
CLOSED on Sunday
10:35AM - 10:55AM (Lunch)

Ticket Vending Machines: 2
Eastbound next to station

Convent Station

Bike Information:

Bike Racks and Lockers are available at this location.

For a complete description of the NJ TRANSIT Bike Program, including contact phone numbers for locker rental, please click here.

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