Station Advisory

Falling leaves and wet weather conditions during the autumn months have the potential to cause “slippery rail” conditions when fallen leaves are crushed by train wheels.  The crushed material becomes pectin, an oily residue that can make it difficult for trains to gain or maintain traction, maintain proper speeds or climb steep grades.

Glen Ridge Station is located at the bottom of a steep hill to its west.

To improve the ability of westbound trains to gain speed and traction prior to reaching the hill, effective Thursday, October 4, NJ TRANSIT will begin stopping westbound trains at the far end of the inbound (eastbound) platform.  We will continue this procedure through the end of November.

Customers disembarking at Glen Ridge Station on westbound (outbound) trains must be in the first two cars of the train.  Please board the first two cars at your origin station (i.e. New York/Newark) to avoid having to walk through the train.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to mitigate the effects of slippery rail.